Weekly Performance Summary WK #11 03-27 to 04-02-2016

The USD had a solid week of two-way action on the way to net-losses; major news events this week included Yellen blabbing on Tuesday—and another “It’s OK—REALLY” Non-Farm Payrolls report on Friday. Both events are beginning to get through to market players that the US FED is not going to be “normalizing” rates anytime soon and the economy is not recovering despite 8-years of “aggressive monetary and government policy” The PTT found some solid opportunity but whipsaw and volatility made staying positioned more difficult this week; only two winning trades and the rest were all B/E or small losses. Despite all that—my discipline was good and to close out the week I have a tiny net gain from last week. As my discipline remains at the high end of my ability I should be able to make weekly gains indefinitely as the win/loss potential for the PTT is positive beyond 52% median (chance).

Here are the brokerage statements for each traded account for this week:

Statement WK #11 03-27 to 04-02-2016 LONG ONLY
Statement WK #11 03-27 to 04-02-2016 SHORT ONLY

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Jason Alan Jankovsky

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