Weekly Performance Summary WK #10 03-20 to 03-26-2016

Holiday shortened week provided fewer opportunities, holding no positions into the weekend—basically a scratch week. No trades entered ever went more than 60-80 pips my way so no real potential to take solid gains; at the close of the week NET results was a 40 pip loss after all trades closed. Still holding gains of about +53% for the quarter. The Pro-Trader’s Toolbox probabilities are at the median performance level now, with more than 125 trades closed I believe the ROI will continue to remain about where it is now with smaller deviations from the mean. In other words, if my discipline remains at the high end of my ability I should be able to make weekly gains indefinitely as the win/loss potential for the PTT is positive beyond 52% median (chance).
Here are the brokerage statements for each traded account for this week:

Statement WK #10 03-20 to 03-26-2016 LONG ONLY
Statement WK #10 03-20 to 03-26-2016 SHORT ONLY

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Jason Alan Jankovsky
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  • Bob

    Reply Reply March 26, 2016

    Hi Jason, just wondering if you put out real-time alerts upon entries and exits or is the individual on his own to pick the trades from the toolbox? The reason I ask is because I notice you don’t take every signal, so it’s possible someone else using the toolbox can have dramatically different results, so your experience is very helpful for your results.


  • John Granite

    Reply Reply March 26, 2016


    Your gains are impressive.

    But here’s my question for you. I’ve been reading on investopedia.com how it’s imperative you have a trading plan before you begin trading. And I also now understand the main components that go into one from swingtradesystems.com (which these blogs do as well). All these sites, and your blogs as well, don’t go into too much detail, but just give an overview. But I need the detail!

    Do you have a trading plan template that will go into more specifics? Or could you point me in the right direction?

    I’m especially interested in how you weed through the 7000 or so stocks in the US exchanges, and what exactly I should be looking for. And how to exit. I hear that’s the most difficult part of trading stocks.

    You can leave a response in the comments section of your blog, or to my email. I just ask not to give it out, I get too much mail as it is.

    John G.

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