Weekly Performance Summary WK #08 03-06 to 03-12-2016

This week was a HUGE week of volatility and just wild price action; I would like to say I was on the right side of it but this week was a small loss. The Pro-Trader’s Toolbox probabilities were thrown a curve due to EURO volatility for the most part but by the end of the week it appears that more volatile price swings are in the works despite some interesting closes. In my view, next week will be a true test of discipline as the “unexpected” filters out into actionable price. Back to about 28% net gains for the quarter with OTE gains holding into next week for the first time during the campaign.

Here are the brokerage statements for each traded account for this week:

Statement WK #08 03-06 to 03-12-2016 LONG ONLY
Statement WK #08 03-06 to 03-12-2016 SHORT ONLY

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Jason Alan Jankovsky

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