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Execution signals for FOREX pairs, futures and options, reflecting the sum total
of 30+ years trading experience.

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What is the "Pro-Trader's Toolbox"?

The Pro-Trader’s Toolbox is my proprietary trading system I use personally every day. It provides execution and liquidation signals for Futures and FOREX and reflects the sum total of my 30+ years trading experience into an easy to understand series of buy/sell signals. The toolbox is currently available on four industry-standard analysis and trading platforms: GenesisFT TradeNavigator, TradeStation, MultiCharts, and MetaTrader4 (MT4).

The Introduction Webinar

Here are all the details of the PTT - a great way to get informed about the software and how to get your copy.

The Theory

In this webinar I discuss the psychology behind how the PTT is thinking. Most trading systems use some form of Technical Analysis to forecast potential trades; the PTT is using a completely different reference point: the losing trader. You might be surprised at the insights.

The Platforms

MetaTrader 4




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When you purchase the toolbox I include regular FREE training and education on how to get the most from the signals.

If you are using TradeStation, MultiCharts, or MetaTrader4 (MT4) simply follow the link below to visit my programmer. Complete details and additional services are on the Code For Traders website.


Jason taught me how truly great I can be as a trader and helped me to develop the mental fitness that I need to achieve my goals. I was a modestly successful trader who did not know what was possible or how to get there. Jason’s coaching and mentoring helped me to overcome my emotional attachment to trades and showed me the simple actions that I must take in order to become a disciplined trader with no limit to success

Nora Lem