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Jason Alan Jankovsky's "Psychology of Trading" course will assist you in discovering and unlocking the potential that exists in each and every one of us as traders.  His course focuses not on the markets, but on ourselves as traders.  Allowing us to understand how to maximize our own potential and/or remove our barriers to success.  His course has completely changed my behavior from a consistently losing trader to a consistently winner trader.  And to put it in the same terms as he does, I have finally discovered, "WHY I do, WHAT I do, the WAY I do it."  Knowing the WHY in any endeavor is the key to success.

Gerald S Pajon
Bay View Trading Corporation

Jason taught me how truly great I can be as a trader and helped me to develop the mental fitness that I need to achieve my goals.

I was a modestly successful trader who did not know what was possible or how to get there. Jason’s coaching and mentoring helped me to overcome my emotional attachment to trades and showed me the simple actions that I must take in order to become a disciplined trader with no limit to success

Nora Lem